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Dazzle FAQ

What is Dazzle?

Dazzle automates classroom tasks that can be so time-consuming for teachers week after week. After loading student names once into Dazzle, teachers easily manage student lists, organize class photos and print pre-loaded templates like Table Name Plates and Name Writing Practice.

With one click, teachers:

  • Save time by automatically creating name cards, tags and other materials
  • Organize all student information and photos for parent sharing
  • Discover new classroom themes through many templates

What’s new in Dazzle?

The new Dazzle was launched for the 2017-18 school year and includes many great new features. Teachers can now:

  • Picture List
    • Add photos easily to all types of lists
    • Print picture cards for students
    • Create templates with student work that can be shared with parents
  • Photo Capture Mobile Web App
    • Capture student photos for picture lists by using your phone
    • Capture photos of student work by using your phone
    • Upload photos directly into picture lists
  • More templates (some examples)
    • Create Picture Card templates with student photos
    • Create Avery name and picture labels templates
    • Create Name Plates to match classroom themes

What’s coming soon?

ESGI will be adding new features to the Dazzle throughout the school year. Launching early this fall will be the ability for teachers to:

  • Copy and modify all templates
  • Create their own templates for any need or occasion

Why Dazzle is becoming a separate product?

Greg Gorman, the founder of ESGI, first created Dazzle as an Excel tool to help him and his colleagues manage class lists. It was made available to early ESGI users as a value-add beginning in 2008 and was converted to a web version in 2014.

Early this year, ESGI committed to expanding Dazzle, creating new features and functionality to meet an increasing number of class management needs.

Our goal is to make Dazzle a freestanding solution that can be purchased with ESGI or as a completely separate product. As its own product, Dazzle can continue to grow and save teachers more and more hours each week.

We launched this new version for the 2017-18 school and have a priority list of enhancements we will be continuing to add.

For more information about subscriptions, pricing and purchasing, click here.

When will ESGI begin charging for Dazzle?

Dazzle will become a separately charged subscription in 2018. But if you are currently an ESGI user, don’t worry you’ll have full access to Dazzle until it is time to renew your ESGI subscription next year.

As an example if you purchased or renewed your ESGI license in April 2017 you will have full access to Dazzle until April 2018. At that time you’ll be able to add Dazzle to your ESGI subscription and continue to benefit from this class tool.

How much will the subscription cost?

As a special offer to ESGI users, Dazzle will be available as an add-on for $49 a year. This will be over 50% lower than the regular subscription price.

Will I still be able to access it through the same Username and ID?

Yes. Your current username and password will give you access to Dazzle now and in the future.

If I buy Dazzle, will my subscription renewal dates be the same as ESGI?

Yes. If you purchase Dazzle at your renewal time it will have the same start and end date as your ESGI subscription.

In the case where Dazzle is added mid-subscription for any reason, we will prorate your Dazzle license to sync up with your ESGI license. Purchases and renewals will be included on the same invoice for purchase orders.

Can my colleagues teaching other grade levels buy Dazzle or ESGI separately?

Definitely. We believe that Dazzle will meet the needs of many elementary teachers so we encourage you to share information about Dazzle with them. They can try and buy Dazzle as a separate product accessing it from www.classdazzle.com.

My question wasn’t answered. Who do I contact?

Please email support@esgisoftware.com