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Dazzle FAQ

What is Dazzle?

Dazzle automates classroom tasks that can be so time-consuming for teachers week after week. After loading student names once into Dazzle, teachers easily manage student lists, organize class photos and print pre-loaded templates like Table Name Plates and Name Writing Practice.

With one click, teachers:

  • Save time by automatically creating name cards, tags and other materials
  • Organize all student information and photos for parent sharing
  • Discover new classroom themes through many templates

What’s new in Dazzle?

The new Dazzle was launched for the 2017-18 school year and includes many great new features. Teachers can now:

  • Picture List
    • Add photos easily to all types of lists
    • Print picture cards for students
    • Create templates with student work that can be shared with parents
  • Photo Capture Mobile Web App
    • Capture student photos for picture lists by using your phone
    • Capture photos of student work by using your phone
    • Upload photos directly into picture lists
  • More templates (some examples)
    • Create Picture Card templates with student photos
    • Create Avery name and picture labels templates
    • Create Name Plates to match classroom themes