Dazzle FAQ

Dazzle FAQ

What is Dazzle?

Beautify Your Classroom!

Dazzle is the ultimate tool for taking your classroom from now to wow! Enter your class list once and create classroom decorations, worksheets, bulletin boards, and printables that are as unique as your students.

  • Create vibrant, personalized decorations
  • Stop wasting time writing names again and again
  • Save money by creating your own custom printables

Dazzle is perfect for PreK, Kindergarten and elementary school educators who want to create classrooms that are uniquely theirs.

Why do I see an ‘Account Management’ page when I try to login to Dazzle?

Dazzle has become a separately charged subscription product in 2018. You are seeing the ‘Account Management’ screen because your free trial account period has expired. To continue to use Dazzle, you will need to purchase a subscription to Dazzle.

How much will the subscription cost?

As a special offer to ESGI users, Dazzle is available as an add-on for $49 a year. This is over 50% lower than the regular subscription price of $99 if purchased by itself. If you already have an ESGI subscription, Dazzle will be prorated to sync up with your ESGI expiration date.

How do I purchase Dazzle?

Current Subscribers:

If you already have an ESGI or Dazzle account, login to Dazzle and you will get prompted with an ‘Account Management’ page where you can Add Time to your Dazzle subscription.

New Subscribers:

If you don’t yet have an ESGI or Dazzle account, first create a free trial account and you’ll have 60 days to purchase Dazzle. When you’re ready to purchase, click the ‘Renew’ button in the Settings. The detailed steps are outlined here: http://landing.esgisoftware.com/purchasedazzle

Will I still be able to access Dazzle through the same username and password?

Yes. Your same username and password will give you access to both Dazzle and ESGI now and in the future.

If I buy Dazzle, will my subscription renewal dates be the same as ESGI?

Yes. If you purchase Dazzle at your renewal time it will have the same start and end date as your ESGI subscription.

In the case where Dazzle is added mid-subscription for any reason, we will prorate your Dazzle license to sync up with your ESGI license. Purchases and renewals will be included on the same invoice for purchase orders.

Can my colleagues teaching other grade levels buy Dazzle or ESGI separately?

Definitely. We believe that Dazzle will meet the needs of many elementary teachers so we encourage you to share information about Dazzle with them. They can try and buy Dazzle as a separate product accessing it from www.classdazzle.com.

What happened to Class Management Tool (CMT)?

Dazzle includes all the features that were in CMT and we’ve added many new features like creating templates and an iPhone app. Be assured any information you had in CMT will be in Dazzle.

My question wasn’t answered. Who do I contact?

Please email support@esgisoftware.com

There are also several help pages and videos here: