Dazzle (previously CMT)

  • Save Time Each Week
  • Organize All Your Lists
  • Create a Personalized Learning Environment

Dazzle (previously CMT) automates classroom tasks that can be so time-consuming for teachers each week. After loading student names once into Dazzle, teachers easily manage student lists, organize class photos and print pre-loaded templates like Table Name Plates and Name Writing Practice.


Track Student Information

Create lists to track student information such as bus numbers, emergency information, siblings, birthdays, and more!

Classroom Lists & Reports

Create custom lists for other items such as awards, homework, behavior, field trip money, permission slips, and more!

Organize Lists

Add custom tabs and organize lists such as parent phone numbers, email addresses, behavior, student awards, and much more.

Custom Printables

Print name writing templates, pocket charts (short and tall), table name plates, cubby names, name cards, name tags, and more.

Custom Fonts

Utilize common school fonts when printing student writing templates, name plates, and more.

Export Class Information

Print your lists of information or export them to Microsoft Excel or Adobe PDF.